Winter Engagement Dallas GA | Brandee + Kevin

Winter Engagement Dallas GA | Brandee + Kevin

Winter Engagement  at Indigo Falls Dallas GA

My hockey friends are getting married!
I met Brandee at a hockey game. She was our new goalie. I ended up sitting next to her as we got dressed for the game. We found out we were both from New England and had played at many of the same rinks. She was a Bruins fan.
She was that kind of goalie that you didn’t worry about, you knew she’d make the save.
Kevin’s hockey career went a little differently. He started with roller hockey. But growing up in Georgia you just don’t have outdoor ice rinks all winter.

We met for engagement photos on a pretty chilli afternoon at Indigo Falls on the west side of Atlanta.

I’m looking forward to their wedding this fall at Indigo Falls in Dallas Ga and can’t wait for what is shaping up to be a stunning day!
Here are some of my favorite photos from the session.

Lake view at Indigo Falls in Dallas Georgia in March

girl in black lace shirt and guy in blue plaid outside of Indigo Falls venue

guy and girl along wooden walkway in early spring in west Atlanta

colose photo of engagement ring on girl's hand and couple walking on wooden walkway at indigo falls venue

couple standing under lights at outdoor fire place at Indigo Falls Wedding Venue in Dallas GA

couple walking along edge of pond at Indigo Falls wedding venue

There are two ponds. Here, you can see the outlet of the upper pond feeding into the lower pond.

two people sitting next to red flowering tree looking at the water in Georgia

engagent poses close together with girl's hand on guys chest. And girl and guy wearing casual jeans outfit.

afternoon view of Indigo Falls Wedding reception venue

This is the building the receptions are usually held in.

reflection of wedding ceremony site reflectiong in the pond at Indigo Falls in Dallas GA

Across the water you can see the  covered area where the wedding ceremony will be if it does not rain. Plan B is inside the chapel.

couple sitting on shady wooden walkway in West Atlanta for rustic engagement photos in the woods

couple walking across wooden bridge laughing at Indigo Falls. And up close photo of couple holding hands and engagement ring

engaged couple sitting on a swing overlooking the water. And walking through woods in the winter

We spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to remember where the swing was on the property! There are just so many pretty areas and cute walkways here that we almost missed it.

couple pose facing away from each other holding hands near Hiraim GA

engaged couple dancing under covered bridge at Indigo Falls wedding venue in Dallas GA

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Venue: Indigo Falls

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