Pastel Spring Engagement at Hiwassee River Weddings

Pastel Spring Engagement at Hiwassee River Weddings

Pastel Spring Engagement photos at Hiwassee River Weddings | Delano TN

It was a warm day and kind of bright and cloudy all at the same time. Hailey and Zach arrived wearing adorable spring pastel outfits. Hailey coordinated their outfits for them. They went so well with the early spring greenery just starting to show.

The love they have for each other is so sweet. Hailey still finds herself saying How did I get so lucky with such a good guy! And Zach just smiles knowing she is so loving and would do anything to make him happy!

They chose their wedding venue because it had everything they love all in one place! They love the outdoors and love the river. I’m looking forward to their fall wedding here at Hiwassee River Weddings. Here are some of my favorite photos from their engagement session, I hope you enjoy them!

looking up at the tall tall pines at Hiwassee River weddings on the pathway to the cross

couple near river near the new forest ceremony site at hiwassee river weddings

Hailey wore the cutest little ankle boots!

engaged couple walking in woods wearing coral pants and white top. And guy wearing pastel plaid shirt near Cleveland TN

engaged couple wearing pastel themed outfits. Guy in plaied and tan pants. and girl wearing cream flowy shirt with red pants and cute ankle boots

two people walking and laughing outside with leafless trees near the hiwassee river in Delano TN

smiling couple in cream colored and plaid shirt

in the background you can see the hanging lights hanging over the forest ceremony site and a little bit of the wooden deck.

two peoplegetting early spring engagement photos in the pines at Hiwassee River weddings venue. And cllose up of them holding hands.

two people outside in Tennesseeby the hiwassee river standing nose to nose laughing. and walking arm in arm

two people sittinghuge stairs at hiwassee river weddings holding hands

riverview side of the hiwassee river weddings venue on a march day

At the very bottom here, you can see the new crushed rock surface. Now riverside ceremonies will not be on grass, and after a rain there will be no worries about walking in any puddles! And I am secretly happy because this gray stone is a great neutral color to have in the background of a photo. It goes with anything.

two people outside walking off in the distance through tall pine trees into the

Hailey and Zach walked out to the wooden cross Bill made in memory of his mom.

close up of hand with engagement ring and couple in front of large homemade wooden cross

two people outside standing with arms around eachother. photographer with a nikon 135mm lens

1 wedding ring and one engagement ring on greenery. and two people standing on little bridge at Hiwassee River Weddings

couple walking across little bridge in front of Hiwassee River wedding venue in the woods

girl in blue and white floral shirt smiling at camra and guy looking at girl in Delano TN

two people outside on dirt road at conasauga creek and the Hiwassee river in Polk county TN

pastel spring engagement

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