Unposed Fall family photos

Unposed Fall family photos

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Unposed fall family photos

To all the parents out there who want to get family photos; who have every intention to get family photos of this crazy action-packed stage of life with littles; who buy outfits for family photos; who have to wait for little one’ “unique” diy hair cuts to grow out; who wait for somebody to not be sick; who just try to get everyone dressed and out of the house on time; I salute you!

Erica has been planning for family photos for quite sometime now. She’s the person who isn’t in the photos because she’s the one taking them, or trying to, as she runs after her fun nature-loving happy healthy fast moving children.

The children have lots of energy and like to run. Robert wanted something woodsy so we chose the seedling nursery in Delano by the river. Its a place with a bunch of different kinds of trees planted on 80 acres. They also sell seedlings of various kinds of trees there. More info on seedlings.

The day was perfect, almost spring-like you’d hardly know it was December! There was plenty of space for running –running away from the camera and running back. It was a good day. Geese were chased. Geese flew away. Sticks were collected and then randomly forgotten as quickly as they’d been collected. And yes, mud was discovered.

I hope you have as much fun looking at some of my favorite images from this family session!

18 month old in green velvet dress and Christmas headband

unposed fall family photo

toddlers sitting on a blanket out in a field.


mother and toddler daughter dressed in Christmas red annd white outfits

Unposed Fall family photos of family sitting under trees throwing brown leaves up in the air in Delano TN

boy with hands in his pockets looking at his dad. and another boy winking at the camera

red white snowflake and blue plaid family outfits

boy with imaginary stick horse in the afternoon in Tennessee

girl in white fleece coat and beret at TN nursery in Delano TN near the Hiwassee River

son sitting on his dad'sknee talking about fishponds near Reliance TN

Parents taking a moment for a hug during family photo shoot near Athens and Etowah TN

two boys running through fiels of baby Oak trees

1 year old sitting in the mud in an adorable white pea coat and matching beret

little brothers laughing hugging eachother at the TN nursary with the last of the fall foliage in the background.


mom swinging her daughter as her daughter laughs

the pond at the TN seedling nursary at sunset

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