The Views at Sunset Ridge: A Visit | Cleveland TN Wedding Venue

The Views at Sunset Ridge: A Visit | Cleveland TN Wedding Venue

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New Cleveland TN Wedding Venue

Photos from a Visit to The Views at Sunset Ridge.

the large downstairs hall at The Views at Sunset Ridge

fruitwood chairs with brick wall and white draping

The bridal room at The views at Sunset Ridge

the couch in the bridal room at The views at Sunset Ridge

Bride walking down stair case with large bouquet of flowers


First Visit

During Construction

I looked at my phone to see I had a new follower on instagram. Being curious I clicked over to their profile and found they were indeed in Cleveland Tn, not Cleveland. OH! Yay! Then I went to visit in person to see what this wedding venue looked like. Here a few of my favorite photos (and a video) from the visit.  I hope you enjoy them!!

Cleveland TN wedding Venue

First I met Ashley, She showed me around, described what they were working on and what it would look like when it’s completed. It was an existing building that is being remodeled into a one of a kind wedding venue.

large glass and wood front doors with christmas greenery

The first floor room was nearly done. The chairs were waiting to be unwrapped. And those drapes, I can already see a lighting team transform this room with up-lighting! This place holds 300 people. That’s right, it will be a little bit easier to refine the guest list here. Here, I met Ashley’s mom Leslie. Leslie wanted to own a wedding venue for a long time.  When she found this building and property she knew it was the perfect place for a wedding venue.

interior of The Views at Sunset ridge first floor

The second floor

I met Allen, Ashley’s brother up here on the second floor working on kitchen plans. He’s in culinary school …one day there will be a blog post just dedicated to his entrees.

second floor room under construction at The sunset ridge venue

This bridal suite is spacious, including two large windows with gorgeous natural light. See video at bottom of post for more of this room.

Bridal suite with six white fabric chairs and six mirrors

Next we went up to the third floor. It’s a bit of a workout, but they also have an elevator if you don’t feel like doing “leg day” 🙂

The all wood stairwell to get to the third floor at The Views at Sunset Ridge

The third floor

This room is full of windows on every side…

The south end of the third floor reception room at The Views at sunset ridge in Cleveland TN

This is the easterly view as the sun just started to set. The Georgia state line is pretty close so it’s possible we’re looking at some of Georgia here. But don’t quote me on that!

East View from the Sunset Ridge Venue

The Sunsets

The view to the west is the reason for the name of the venue, and it lives up to it’s name.

sunset in November off Dalton Pike in Cleveland TN

pink sunset seen from the Views at Sunset Ridge

We are far enough away from urban lights that we were able to easily see the stars in the sky too!

night star trails aftersunset at The Views at Sunset Ridge

The Views at sunset ridge

If you are not even engaged but thinking you might be soon, it’s worth it for the sunset alone! You can find them at the Views at Sunset Ridge to set up a visit.

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