Sammy and Zack | Engaged

Sammy and Zack | Engaged

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An East Tennessee November Engagement Session

They both love the outdoors, mountains and Jeeps. So we naturally headed to the mountains for their engagement photos. With the Jeep of course. 🙂

Zack and Sammy will get married next Fall, and then they will start their life together in Pigeon Forge! It seems like their wedding is so far away, but it will be here before we know it, and I am looking forward to meeting  their friends and also their families! If their wedding day is as beautiful as their engagement session, then it’s going to be a fun day and absolutely amazing!!!

Though it was November, we did find some remaining fall foliage left on some of the trees near the little church. We walked through fields, into the woods and kept a wary watch for bears. And played in the road at the very end for some sunset photos. We had the most amazing time and captured images that I love!! I am looking forward to sharing my favorites here!! I am so grateful for these two for being up for anything and really enjoying the process.

Thank you Sammy and Zack for being so amazing, and for your love of Jesus shining through in everything you do! You guys are inspiring. September 2018 can’t get here fast enough!!!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from this day!!!

engagement photos walking in front of John Oliver Cabin in Townsend TN

guy in redand white checked shirt and navy pullover. Girl in cream colored princess slieved shirt

cades cove view of open field and bare tree near Hyaat LN

couple walking up trail laughing in cades cove in tennessee

Girl holding guys hand leading guy laughing.

late fall engagement photos in tennessee brown dry leaves

guy holding girls hand walking. girls laughing

engagement sitting pose sitting at base of tree.

heel clicking jump by her fiance

couple under fall red oak leaves in cades cove TN

engagement photos of couple with tennessee fall foliage in the background

engagement ring on a jeep owners manual and engaged couple in the woods at sunset

jeep owner brings jeep to his engagement session in Townsend TN

faces reflected in jeep window and cades cove mountains at sunset

couple laughing in over the shoulder hug and hand with red nails and engagement ring

guy in white shirt hugging girl near Maryville TN

couple walking throung field in november wearing red flowy shirt with cut out.

engaged guy and girl sitting under a tree in the afternoon

Our original plan had been for October engagement photos.  The weather did not cooperate. At. All. I generally am pretty optimistic about finding a way to shoot between the rain drops but that was one of those days that just was worth rescheduling. As it worked out this day was Perfect! And we got the sunset we were hoping for!!

after sunset pre wedding photo of couple in the TN mountains

jeep with headlights on in front of a killer sunset with couple kissing

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