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Surprise Proposal at Hiwassee River Weddings | Catie and Tyler

Hiwassee River Surprise Proposal

Each Memorial day weekend Catie, Tyler, and their friends tube down the Hiwassee River; it’s become a tradition. Stopping to see the progress at Hiwassee River Weddings has also become part of the tradition. Last year they floated by Hiwassee River Weddings, the structure was up and Bill was going through mental gymnastics trying to decide on the color the event center should be.  Just then, a big group of tubes stopped at the steps… It was Catie, Tyler and their friends stopping to say hello!  Catie jumped right in and gave Bill her 2-cents on which color she liked, which just happen to be the color the venue ended up with.

Fast forward to 2017, Tyler and Bill had a few secret phone calls and a plan was put together! Tyler wanted their families to be there for the proposal yet not have Catie suspect anything. Bill had the solution: “They drive here and can all hide in the bridal suite. You guys will tube down the river like you always do and stop here to see the progress.”

Then the day came and the weather did not cooperate. It wasn’t nice tubing weather and the tubing trip got cancelled. So Tyler and their friends all “thought” it was a great idea to just drive over to visit Hiwassee River Weddings to see the progress. Catie is a wedding coordinator so she was interested in seeing the progress in person in addition to the instagram updates.

When Tyler, Catie, and their friends arrived Bill showed them all the nice wood steps with built in benches overlooking the river.

Then the big doors opened and out came Catie’s family with huge smiles! Catie was beyond surprised and confused as to why they were there!

When she looked to Tyler he was on one knee in front of her asking her if she’d marry him!!


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  1. Congratulations Tyler and Catie, such a wonderful story of two amazing people.

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