Coolige park Chattanooga Engagement

Coolidge Park Chattanooga Engagement

Coolidge Park Chattanooga Engagement

She met Brandon at the YMCA in Cleveland where they both worked.  Dana was too busy in a doctorate program to be distracted…. so instead they became good friends and then best friends. Their lives ended up going in different directions for a little while but life brought them back together.
After dating for five years, Brandon asked Dana to be his wife and they’re planning a perfect wedding at The Hiwassee River Weddings next year. Both Dana and Brandon love to be outside.  When they visited Hiwassee River Weddings they just kind of fell in love with it.

Dana has a great group of friends that are beyond excited to be helping her plan her perfect wedding.  They have all been friends for a long time so they know her well …..they already have set up pinterest boards for her.
I’m looking forward to their wedding and can’t wait for what is shaping up to be a stunning day.


The Walnut st bridge is a beautiful pedestrian bridge with wood decking and beautiful blue iron. It was Built in 1890 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 23, 1990.

Look at Brandon just beaming at Dana!

On days like Dana and Brandon’s engagement session, I feel incredibly lucky to live in Tennessee …the long extended fall season and working with such amazing couples is icing on the cake!

We ended the engagement session along the shore of the Tennessee river and they couldn’t have been happier together as the the sun went down over Signal Mountain.

Location: Coolidge Park

Engagement Photographer: Nelya

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