Three Beautiful Seasonal Photography Locations Knoxville TN

Three Beautiful Seasonal Photography Locations Knoxville TN

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This is a little list of seasonal photography locations that might be worth visiting.

weather you are starting out and want to challenge yourself to shoot in different places or experienced but are new to the area! Here are three places right in Knox County.

  • Mid July: The Sunflower Fields!
  • TWRA Sunflowers are on McClure RD.

There’s no real address. You just go down Island Home pike past Ijams Nature Center and take McClure rd to the end. You’ll know the sunflowers are still blooming if the parking lot is super full.

  • Late August: Concord Park
  • 11808 S Northshore Dr,Knoxville, TN 37922


  • 3301 E Magnolia Ave,
  • Knoxville, TN 37914


TWRA Sunflower field in South Knoxville.

TWRA Sunflowers fields Knoxville TN

Late August: Concord Park.

There are also some walking paths and some easterly facing shore too.

the pond at Concord Park

Early September: Tennessee Valley Fair

I love reflections! The pond at the Fair is gorgeous in early evening.

Tessessee Valley Fair ferris wheel reflecting on the pond

A few more Sunflower photos because they are in bloom and looking spectacular right now.




I walked into the sunflowers, and had to tiptoe to get this view. I’m just short or these sunflowers are really tall! I think I’ll got with the sunflowers being tall.

sunflower fields in Knoxville

sunflower fields in south knoxville tn planted to spell TWRA

It wasn’t until I was leaving that I realized they’ve planted the sunflower patch as great big letters spelling TWRA!

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