I was that wedding guest

I was that wedding guest.

Don’t be that wedding guest.

I stood right next to the hired photographer and shot under his elbow. I peeked around him, after all he was blocking my shot. I mean I just wanted to kinda see what he saw to get photos like his. I followed him around during family photos. Eventually I got thirsty and hungry and left for the appetizers. Sure I stayed in my seat during the ceremony and I didn’t demand that the bride and groom look at my camera but I was not helpful.

Instead during family photos and bride and groom portraits I could have visited with and taken an interest in relatives I hadn’t seen in years. And then when family photos were completed I could have brought glasses of water out to the bride and groom and photographer! That would’ve been much more helpful than me acting like my little point and shoot on auto was going to be the treasured family photos for three generations to come. I was invited to be a guest and enjoy the day with family and friends and I didn’t really get it.


Macaroons courtesy Rajbhog Catering


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