Bride and groom in canoe hiwassee river

Canoe Themed Wedding

The alarm went off and it was still dark out! It was way too early to get up. Seriously, who’s idea was this sunrise shoot???

Many of you have heard me talking about photographing a Canoe Themed Wedding for years. Probably 4 or 5 years now. I remember sitting in a photography class possibly talking more than listening and thinking of this picture in my head of a sunset, fog, a canoe and a couple. I did learn some things in that class, I really did, but I knew I just wanted to go out and shoot. I didn’t want to shoot for someone else’s homework, I wanted to shoot my own homework!

Today that day finally came!!! Thanks to these fabulous people who are just as crazy as I am for being part of this!!

Styled Canoe Wedding

Bianca read my mind. I tried to describe what I was thinking, I wasn’t sure if I’d even come close. When I saw what she’d created I knew she was mind reading good!


Thanks to the creative team who made all of this idea possible

Florist: Bianca Harris- Cookes Food Store Floral Shop

Venue: Hiwassee River Weddings and Events

Photographer: Nelya

models: Alexus @leexibunnchh



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