Cade’s Cove Engagement | Kristina+Justin

Cade’s Cove Engagement | Kristina+Justin

Cade’s Cove engagement

They met in Knoxville, While attending the University of Tennessee, they were out dancing one evening,  Kristina saw Justin… They spent the night dancing and talking. On that night, Justin knew she was different; Kristina was part of a great adventure that was about to happen.

cades cove spring engagement-looking east

Their love for the outdoors and mountains made a visit to the Smoky mountains the perfect place for engagement photos. It was a warm Tennessee day but not humid at all, so it was basically the perfect day to visit the Maryville side of the Smoky Mountains!

cades cove spring engagement-2403

cades cove spring engagement-2497

cades-cove-engagement-jumping across stream

cades cove spring engagement-2480

cades cove spring engagement-2491

cades cove spring engagement-2537

cades cove spring engagement-2550

cades cove spring engagement-2639

As usual, I suggested just walking up that little hill to watch the sunset from…

cades cove spring engagement-sunset

Cade's Cove engagement

And the view was breathtaking and so worth it!

cades cove spring engagement-2699

The views at Cade’s Cove are always good no matter what time of year you choose to visit!

cades cove spring engagement-2705

The baby bears were out getting dinner. So we had to wait for them to finish. It must have been really good because he stayed right there for quite some time!

cades cove spring baby bear

We ended just after sunset with a little fun out by my favorite tree!

cades cove spring engagement-nighttime

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