Snapchat for my mom

I mentioned Snapchat to my mom.

What is it? Do I have it?

Um, a good way to share crumby photos that are of the moment and they expire in 24hours so you have to check regularly to see friends updates.

That explanation didn’t quite sell her on it.

I tried again. After I’d gotten some snapchat tutoring from my high school aged friend!

On the top is your story, stuff you post. And then recent updates and stories is where you can see what your friends are doing.

If you click on my name in all stories you’ll see things like:

Breakfast that didn’t taste good at all.

My research for locations. Or more like me walking in the woods and stopping for reflections. The photographer in me is always making note of best options in any location for photos.

and a few of lunch sometimes.

Behind the scenes

Here can tap the smiley face to see who added you and you can follow them back.

To get to that screen you sweep down that little ghost.

You can tap Add friends.

You just save a friends snapcode photo to your phone, open snapchat, choose add by snapcode, it’ll open your photos, select this photo and it’ll add the friend.

And there are crappy filters with fun ridicules stuff.

Yup, even airing out the hockey bag.

So that’s as far as we got. Next time I might show her chatting and sending snaps.

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