Going to the Chiropractor for the first time

Going to the Chiropractor for the first time

I’ve had friends tell me things like:  I am terrified of going to a chiropractor. I’m so afraid that they’ll do something to adjust me and something bad will happen and I’ll get paralyzed.

I too was scared. I’d heard the term “bone cracker” so for years I politely listened to my friends talk about getting an adjustment from their chiropractor and pictured awful crackling sounds. Well things got so bad finally I went. I was frozen in fear on that table/bed thing waiting for the terrible moment of cracking bones! It didn’t happen like that, instead to my surprise she just used this clicker tool on tight muscles in what I thought to be random places. It did not hurt! Muscles were sore the next day but good kind of sore like from a workout.
Each visit I purposely did not tell her where things hurt, and each time she went right to the places that were giving me so much pain!

I’d had crazy knife-like pain under my shoulder blade. At one point it was so bad it was waking me up at night with crazy dreams of being attacked in the back (under my right shoulder blade) by wild animals. I finally went to a chiropractor. After a few visits my arm was no longer purple-ish in color, my shoulder blade pain was gone. I am now a believer in chiropractic!

I walked in and instantly liked the lighting, the photographer in me is always thinking about the lighting.

This is the clicker thing that gives only a certain amount of pressure and no more.

Dr Jessica uses the clicker thing in a few sometimes seemingly random spots and then things feel so much better

I continue to visit Dr Jessica  because I am right side dominant -they just don’t make left handed cameras – and I’m always doing something that a little adjusting when things aren’t “too bad” can have me back in tip top shape and save me from “OMG this is so painful I think something is broken” kind of pain later.

Shout out to Julia for taking these photos of me. You did a fantastic job girl!

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