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Photo Contest results

I finally got the results of where each of my photos placed in the Shoot and Share photo contest!! I did not place high enough to win any prizes, just a new goal to do better next year!

My goal this year was for one photo to be a finalist and I not only ended up with three photos in the final round but one in the top 100!!!
Last year I was chicken, I didn’t think my work was good enough; I didn’t want people to choose someone else’s photo over mine. This year I chose to enter not because I thought I would win any category but for the greater good that I may Inspire someone in their photographic Journey! Last year someone’s photo contest entry did just exactly that for me!
The bride and groom under the umbrella in the rain is the photo that was inspired by a wedding couple photo I saw last year in this contest while voting. Thank you who ever you were (all entries are anonymous until the end) for submitting a photo that did not win first or even 20th.

This ring photo came in 90th place out of 6,514. Just barely squeaked into the top 100, wow!

The Tellico Plains bride and groom in the rain placed 497th out of 26,589 in the wedding couple category.

My hockey friends came in 514th out of 18,329 in the Children/toddlers category.

The puppies that got in trouble for chewing up my pants came in 258th place out of 6,614 in the pets/animals category.

Voting took over my life for the duration of the contest. I voted on my tablet under my desk during meetings, I got friends to vote …on multiple screens all at once! Others voted during school.

My snapchat friends got daily snaps when ever I spotted one of my photos still in the contest.During each round they eliminated more photos, so I had to vote for hours in hopes of seeing any of the photos I’d entered as that was the only way to know if I hadn’t been eliminated.

Some tried to tell us contestants “it’s not a Where’s Waldo search to find your own photo. You’re supposed to be voting for the best of the four photos that pop up.”  Maybe maybe not. When I did randomly see one of my photos still in I was pretty excited! Towards the end It got really hard to vote for my own photo because the remaining photos were so good!

For those of you who like numbers and charts, this little chart explains how placing worked.


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