Wedding planning Tips: church ceremony photos

 Wedding planning Tips

Knoxville Wedding planning tips  for church ceremony photos.

It is always a good idea to find out before hand if your church has any rules and restrictions for photographers well before the day of your wedding.

Some churches just don’t want your photographer to use a flash during the ceremony. Some don’t want your photographer to photograph from certain areas. And some are HARD CORE and do not want your photographer to taking pictures during the ceremony! Whaaa? Yes, this is not good if you’ve hired a photographer and photos of your wedding ceremony are really important to you.

When I first saw this No Photography during ceremony sign the photographer in me said Yes! my brides are the best, and want their guests to just enjoy the wedding. I was sure this sign did not include me. But then I learned this was the churches sign and it was for everyone, including me; the person entrusted to document the day!!! Then we had to have that conversation with the bride about and accept that there would not be any photos during the ceremony.


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