Cherohala Roadside adventures

We had a forecast for great amounts of snow and people cancelled and postponed just about everything in preparation for the Great snow arrival. …And it snowed in lots of places, it snowed at my cousin’s near Harrisburg PA, – I saw the photo of Little Dude sliding on a pile of snow as high as the second story – but in the Knoxville area it didn’t. The snow just kinda forgot us. So we had some rain.

Gen had taken a beautiful photo of a single snowflake and it really inspired me! So we made a quick trip up the mountain to see a little snow…

Cherohala Roadside adventures

And now the Behind the scenes of how it all went down.

I saw a clump of berry vines covered in snow across the road

and just had to go, the photo I was looking for might be there.

After all, the snow is always better on the other side of the fence.

Once I got there it

And a shout out to the road boys who were out for hours on end!

Especially this truck in the front that was unfortunate enough to to have gotten stuck in the ditch the day before. And was mercilessly laughed at by all the other trucks.

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