The two crayons and a happy birthday

I saw this shirt and just loved the color combination! There was something familiar about it but I couldn’t figure out what.  Then I did, I knew it,

The colors of this shirt brought back memories. Memories of my two favorite crayons when I was 5.

Bluey-Green and Pinky

Every crayon box that I ever got my hands on had two crayons that I hurriedly searched for  and then I’d promptly remove and claim as mine. I’d store them tightly in my fist or break in half in hopes that my sister, would not use them. Eventually the inevitable would come, I’d be ordered to share them with my sister. I’d try to protest  she’ll mess up the point, she’ll break them or lose them.


Happy Birthday WJ, Hope you had a great birthday! I’m sorry I made you draw with broken crayons all your life.


Camera settings: ISO- 100, f/2.0  85mm  Shutter 1/640

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