Magpies Bakery

Magpies Bakery

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As some of you know I’m doing the no processed sugar challenge. Yes, it was very hard at first but got easier with time. One of the things I find that helps me is to take gorgeous photos of cupcakes, cakes, pies and other mouthwatering deserts!

Magpies Bakery

So today Let me introduce you to Magpies Bakery’s Cupcakes! Magpies is located on Central St in Knoxville TN.  When ever I see Magpies Bakery is the baker for a wedding or event I know something beautiful is going to be coming out of the box!


Magpies bakery cupcakes-2498

Vanilla Strawberry cupcakes.

Magpies bakery cupcakes-2499


Magpies bakery cupcakes-2477

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes.

Magpies bakery cupcakes-2496






Chocolate Gnache

Magpies bakery cupcakes-2488

Chocolate peanut butter Cupcakes.

Magpies bakery cupcakes-2483



Magpies bakery cupcakes-2466


Magpies bakery cupcakes-2490


Magpies bakery cupcakes-2474

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