Tornado time in Tennessee


They didn’t predict a tornado, just severe thunder storm and winds.

It got darker and darker in the afternoon and then boom! The power went out. No AC, no internet, no lights, no toilet flushing. What?!

The thunder and lightning and rain came like it meant business! The foggy green air came that tornados bring and you couldn’t see more than a few feet.

It was done and gone almost as quickly as it came. We didn’t have any damage.

Then we got the moodiest humid sunset with glowing pink sky.

Meanwhile not 2 miles away they got 90-95mph winds that took sheds, porches and trees! And yeah, the Power lines.

The next day we all enjoyed the hot humidity and made plans to at least save the food in the freezer and fridge.

3 cords, you ask what the 3rd was for when I only listed fridge and freezer? Oh, internet alternated with charging phone.


By the end of the that day the boys had replaced numerous power poles and wire and had a regular Chainsaw Olympics with all the downed trees and we had power!

Nothing like not having it for 26hrs and then getting to just sit in front of an air conditioner and just think about how I could have a shower, wash dishes, charge batteries, all whenever I wanted! Such a great feeling.

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