Melton Hill Park Engagement photos – Megan and Michael

At a sleepover her friends were skyping other friends. One of her friends was skyping Michael. Megan sat down with her friend and talked to him for a bit. He was easy to talk to and charming.  The next day Michael skyped them again while he was making bread. Half jokingly they said they were going to come over and eat his bread! He didn’t believe them.
So they drove over to his house and called him about 5 min away and said “You do know we weren’t joking right?” He said “oh c_ _ _!” And hurriedly did a little expedited cleaning.
Over fresh homemade bread their conversations continued. They went on their first date the next day, and  their lives forever changed.
They’re planning a perfect wedding later this year at the Children’s museum of Oak Ridge in Oak Ridge TN


Melton Hill Park is dog friendly and Lexie had a blast!






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