Max Patch Mountain hike|Dana and Park

Max Patch Mountain hike|Dana and Park

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Max Patch Day hike in Hot Springs, NC

Dana and Park made the trip to Max Patch from South Carolina it was a kidless date, Just the two of them. Well her camera came along too. Dana has had a passion for photography for a long time it’s just finding the time with everyday life to learn how to use it better.

max patch-6108

MPJ-6099-2 copy

You see that smile on Dana’s face it’s because she just discovered her light meter and her life will never be the same ever again!

max patch-6080

I too, remember the day I discovered my camera’s light meter. Before that I thought shooting in manual was an evil guessing game that you just ended up with blown out white or dark under exposed photos 90% of the time.

It was Dennis Sprinkle  who showed me where the light meter was. Here on the top of Max Patch I got the opportunity to say Thank You Dennis!  in the best way possible, by passing it on to another photographer starting out.

max patch-1

max patch-6118

Location: Max Patch NC




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