Rainbows and puddles with Mia | Madisonville TN

Rainbows and puddles with Mia | Madisonville TN Lifestyle Photographer

Crystal had this great idea to have photos at the balloon festival at Hiwassee college in Madisonville I may have been more excited than Mia about this…

East Tennessee weather has a mind of it’s own and out of nowhere a lone thunder cloud blew in and camped out right over our heads. We hid under a tree hoping the rain would just stop. It didn’t, and we got wet.

But we got to see a rainbow!

The rain let up a little and that was worth dancing in the rain for.

The rain cloud blew over the hill, and left warm September rain steaming off the grass. The balloons were cancelled for unpredictable weather. Cancelled?! Yup cancelled. So since we were there we decided to make the best of it and went to visit the horse farm.


Meanwhile in another pasture there was one male who thought we were doing selfies and wanted to show us his best duck lips.

We saved the puddle jumping for end because it’s just too much fun.

We may not have gotten to see any hot air balloons but we got rainbows and puddles which turned into a lot of fun!

Crystal and Mia, next year we will get balloon photos, even if we have to go to Chattanooga to find balloons with air in them!





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