About Nelya



I’m from the great frozen north where winter comes early and stays late, but currently living and working in Knoxville with couples all over the world…

I have the most fun photographing Weddings, Adventurous couples, and just Fabulous people.

I like to enthusiastically pursue whole heartedly whatever interests me.
Even if I’m not very good at it. I do not like reading manuals. I know, I know.

I like to teach and share what I’ve learned about photography. Or “Preaching the good news of photography” as I like to refer to it as. I think it’s the best possible way for me to say Thank You to those who have shared what they know with me!

Hi I’m Nelya,  thank you for stopping by!

You might see me on the ice coaching hockey just so I can play with the pucks and hang out with a bunch of awesome little hockey players..

Or you might see me hanging out at the MX track cheering for the tiny kids on their little dirt scooters.

  • I love sunflare,
  • adventurous couples
  • beautiful afternoon light
  • laughing kids
  • pond hockey
  • tiny kids on dirt bikes
  • the smell of Basmati rice cooking
  • big salads
  • sunset from the top of a mountain
  • running in the rain
  • a fresh sheet of ice
  • October (Hockey season starts)
On my wish list:

1, Photograph a beach proposal.

2, A mountain top wedding at Max Patch

3, Photograph a dirt bike engagement session for a couple who both ride.

4, Photograph a wedding on the ice in skates for a hockey couple

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